Business is accused of promising fixed income of 10% per month and not honoring customer withdrawals.

The company Meu Pé de Bitcoin, based in Caruaru, in the interior of Pernambuco state, has been accused by clients of not honoring with promises. According to an anonymous accusation made by one of the company’s clients with Livecoins, the business has already been investigated by Pernambuco’s Public Ministry since January 2020.

It is worth highlighting that Bitcoin has attracted a number of businesses to its ecosystem, after an intense valuation in recent years. Some of these businesses have taken advantage of the currency’s fame to perpetuate scams on investors in Brazil.

One of them is Unick Forex, which would have given a coup of millions in Brazil. Others that became famous in the Northeast are Midas Trend, D9 Club and Binary Bit, all of them already having ongoing investigations with suspicions of financial pyramid.

Usually, these schemes collect money from investors and promise fixed earnings per month. Over time, the business becomes unsustainable and stops paying customers.

My Pé de Bitcoin is being targeted by customer complaints on digital platforms

The business My Foot of Bitcoin, according to information from its website, works with „Bitcoin“. In this way, it uses the crypto potentials to divulge the business and capture new clients to invest in the business.

Another point that made the business known, from the countryside of Pernambuco, was the investment in the Soccer Cup Meu Pé de Bitcoin. The glorious investment business in Bitcoin, however, may be having problems according to customer complaints.

In the Reclame Aqui platform, for example, complaints have been registered in the last three months. According to Livecoins, at least 6 complaints have already been registered there in the period.

The first one, which was answered by the company, but was declared as „Not Resolved“, is from a client stating that the company tried to access her account at Mercado Bitcoin brokerage house without permission. According to the client, an BO would be registered against the company.

Other complaints stated that the 10% return on investment was offered. However, after some time the clients would no longer be receiving the contribution of the business, called by one of the clients „pro-labore“.

One of the complaints makes clear that the loot has not been processed, even with the client with health problems.

„I ask that you really confirm when the payment will be made because I need part of this money to pay the hospital“, the complainant made clear

Pernambuco State Public Prosecution Service has already received a complaint against the company

The Brazilian community of Bitcoin began to identify dangerous traits in My Foot of Bitcoin on the afternoon of this Monday (27), after a post on Facebook. The case was of a supposed crypto potentiator recruiting people with the promise of 3% profit per month guaranteed.

After the case gained repercussion, a reader contacted Livecoins and presented the link of a complaint he registered against the company. The demonstration sent to the Public Prosecution Service of the State of Pernambuco would have already ended up at the Inquiry Center, with the number 19.20.0264.0000349/2020-39.

In other words, in spite of the complaints starting only three months ago at Reclame Aqui, clients are already looking for the MP since the beginning of the year. The proposal of Meu Pé de Bitcoin is not clear on its website and neither the function of the potentiators, which at the moment of writing this article was blank on the website.